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DocuNow Fingerprinting & more has proudly served South Florida for the past six (6) years. With offices in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami, we are the leading Live scan provider in South Florida. We provide live scan fingerprinting for Level II Background check for anyone whose profession requires clearance. Our customers range from Nursing students, Health Care workers, Business Professionals to Security Officers and many more.


With the rapid demand in the Health Care Field, Nursing, and Medical Schools; Admissions Representatives are scrambling to collect required admissions documents from prospective students. Once documents are collected, if there is not an in-house document management system, it is hard to keep them organized and safe. Our company will not only help the Admissions Department collect the required documents, but upload them in our student document management system where the students, school administrators, and even the clinical sites will have access.

Approved Vendor with Labcorp to provide safe and secure Drug testing for employment, Nursing schools and the Florida Department of Transportation (DOT)


People who have had vaccinations but missing supporting records can be tested for antibodies with a titer blood test. A titer blood test measures immunity levels and produce records to support necessary documentation. We are partnered with clinics around South Florida to provide variety of titer blood test.


DocuNow’s portal allows students’ documents to be stored securely online. School administrators can manage and share records with clinical sites with just one click. Along with the services provided by DocuNow, school administrators can upload additional documents as needed for clinical rotation.